I was contacted via email from Lisa after I had been recommended to her. Lisa was extremely nervous and anxious about the thought of walking through the door at the gym and onto the gym floor in front of others. We agreed that we should meet and discuss what we could do together in order for Lisa to overcome her fears.

Lisa is 47 and is an extremely busy Manager within the NHS, she worked long hours, put herself under constant pressure and didn’t allow anytime for herself. She was not sleeping or eating correctly following a period of illness, she had put excess weight on and lacked self belief and her confidence was shattered.

On our first meeting we discussed what Lisa wanted to achieve from us working together. In order to ensure I developed an appropriate program for Lisa we discussed her main goals, which was to lose weight whilst improving her diet and water consumption, Lisa only ever drank diet coke and nothing else and she was eating all the wrong foods at the wrong times. Lisa set herself a goal to take small achievable steps so that she wasn’t setting herself up to fail her main aim was to lose 1 stone in a year.

Our first step was to establish a relationship with strong communication to ensure that Lisa had trust in me and that she felt she had the support and motivation needed to achieve her fitness goals.

We undertook a detailed assessment of Lisa’s fitness, including postural analysis, to ascertain her current level of fitness and create a tailored exercise and nutrition program. A monthly exercise plan was devised and her diet was monitored using a food diary.

Lisa’s exercise program combined a mix of cardio, resistance training, and strength training to help her lose weight.

After 3 months of hard training with great commitment Lisa achieved her 1 stone weight loss. This boosted her confidence and she started to believe in herself. This in turn enabled Lisa to have the confidence to continue to maintain a healthy eating plan and a more active lifestyle attending the gym a minimum of 3 times a week. A year on Lisa had lost just under 2 stone and has dropped from size 16 to a size 10.
Lisa’s confidence has now returned and she feels good about herself again – she walks into the gym with confidence and encourages others to believe in themselves as they also join the gym.

Written by: Dwayne Rattray

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