Health Benefits of Blackberries:

Betters Vision and Overall Eye Health:
Blackberries are very rich in minerals that are proven to preserve clear and sharp vision. These very helpful antioxidants slow down age-related eye problems like myopia, cataract, ARMD, hypermetropia, eye infections and eye dryness. On top of that, the consumption of blackberries at least 1 serving a day improves vision and protect the eyes from age-related disorders.

Boosts Brain Functions:
Blackberries are considered to be brain boosters because of their Magnesium, Manganese, and other properties that are very essential for the brain’s optimal functions. These minerals assure that neurotic disorders are avoided through maintaining healthy brain cells or neurons. If the brain gets the minerals it needs, a healthy nervous system is preserved. Blackberry compounds does not only preserve the health of neurons but also restore damaged ones to achieve a prompt, sharp, and well sound brain. Regular consumption of blackberries also heightens cognitive and motor skills. This will result to an increased emotional and intellectual quality.

Promotes Bone Health:
When it comes to maintaining the strength and structure of your bones, eating blackberries is of great help. Blackberries have calcium, zinc, iron, phosphorus, manganese, and magnesium that work together for the maintenance of the bone’s quality. Intake of food rich in zinc and iron is important for the bones to be strong and elastic.

Stabilizes Blood Pressure:
Excessive intake of sodium triggers high blood pressure. It is very important to regulate sodium levels in the body for its overall health. Good news is, blackberries are free from sodium. On top of that, this fruit has high levels of magnesium, potassium, and calcium that are known to naturally stabilize blood pressure.

Prevents and Treats Diabetes:

Diabetes is triggered by abnormal glucose levels in the body. Intake of food with high glucose index cumulatively leads to diabetes. Because blackberries are high in fiber, it is able to regulate the absorption of sugar by the blood. If you want to avoid diabetes, regular consumption of blackberries is of great help because a single serving contain about 4 grams of fiber.
Helps in Losing Weight:
Regulating your weight is very important to being healthy and fit. Because of the richness of blackberries in fiber, intake of such is of great help in losing weight. Fibrous foods are the bulking agent in digestion that stimulates proper bowel movement. Eating fibrous foods also boosts satiety and curbs appetite. Foods rich in fiber will help in reducing further food intake.

Good for the Heart:
Blackberries are rich in fiber which aids heart health. In addition, this fruit also has considerably high levels of potassium, fiber, and folate that works together to eliminate risks of heart failure and related ailments. Blackberries are also very low in cholesterol which is very beneficial to the heart. Studies have proved that regular intake of blackberries reduces risks of heart failure up to 35%.

Reduces Risks of Cancer:

Blackberries have antioxidants that eliminate the harmful effects of free radicals. These antioxidants also suppress possibilities of tumor formation that can lead to various types of cancer.

Written by: Dwayne Rattray

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