Meet Dwayne Rattray

Founder & Personal Trainer at Happy Body Fitness

I am a highly recommended personal trainer based in Cheshire with over 8 years’ experience in the health and fitness industry.

With a strong passion and enthusiasm for fitness I enjoy helping others obtain their lifestyle objectives through enjoyable yet continually challenging training sessions and dietary guidance. I take great pride in being able to provide in depth, up to date advice to achieve a wide range of goals with my clients.

I began my career in martial arts working as a Thai boxing instructor and competing in various fighting tournaments at a professional level. In 2011, I decided to further my career in Health and Fitness, setting up as an independent Personal Trainer in Cheshire. Over the last five years I have continued to increase my knowledge; constantly reading, researching and developing new ideas. My training techniques are a hybrid of the various styles and knowledge I have acquired.

I believe that education is just as important as participation, and apply this belief into my training methods. To achieve your goal, you must first be able to understand it.

Along with a compelling drive for self-development, I have an unrivalled passion and enthusiasm for motivating you to achieve your fitness goals - FAST!!

I am available for personal training at Gymetc Congleton or from clients' homes.

  • AIQ Level 2 in Fitness Instructing
  • AIQ Level 3 in Personal Training
  • Sports Nutrition
  • Level 3 Weight Management
  • Studio Cycling (Spinning)
  • Circuit Training
  • Gym Based Boxing
  • Personal and group training
  • Weight management & nutrition
  • Yoga

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Reviews from clients

I was overweight, had low self-esteem and undervalued myself until I met Dwayne. I had set myself a year to achieve my goal and in less than 3 months I had reached my target weight and achieved my goals. The encouragement and praise received from Dwayne boosted my confidence and made me believe in myself again. I lost the two stone I wanted to and dropped 2 dress sizes and still work with Dwayne 10 months later to maintain my wellbeing, fitness and weight loss. I have now set myself new goals and feel confident that with the support from Dwayne, I will be able to achieve these.

If you want to achieve transformation of body and mind then working with Happy Body Fitness is for you. Various techniques are used to support you in your journey. I received a personal consultation in the first instance to discuss my needs and goals, a personal fitness programme and healthy eating plan was designed for me and being able to work with a personal trainer on a one to one basis was an added bonus. Help and support is available the whole time, via email, website or phone so you are never left feeling you are alone.

Lisa Young

After having my 6th Child, I was extremely overweight – weighing 16 ½ stone and was a size 20 in dress size. I decided I needed to get fit and healthy, my eldest daughters’ wedding in 12 months’ time became my incentive.

In May 2014 I joined my local gym and enlisted the help of Dwayne (THE BEST Personal Trainer EVER!). Every day he pushed me, through ups and downs of life, he was there every step of the way. At times, I said I couldn’t do anymore! As far as Dwayne was concerned, there was no such word as ‘couldn’t’. He was right, I could.

Dwayne was very dedicated in helping me and by September 2014 (only 5 months later), I had dropped 6 dress sizes and have lost a massive 6 stone. As well as being an awesome personal trainer, he is now a good friend. If you want to see changes, ring Dwayne… you won’t regret it!


Dwayne is an incredible Personal Trainer – he pushes me to the max and almost every week I shout mid exercise ‘It’s too advanced, I’m gonna die…’ and he casually answers ‘…well if you’re still talking you must be fine – 10 more press ups!’

Joking aside, I enjoy every training session and I am prepared to sweat like hell but I never know what to expect from him. He varies every session with different exercises ranging from boxing to burpees! But guess what, I can cope as I love a challenge. My body shape has changed since training with him; twice a week regularly & I feel great. He’s definitely worth the aches and pains along the way, No Pain No Gain!

I would definitely recommend him; he’s cool & calm and wants what’s best for you!

Sonia Anand

I’ve always led a fairly healthy lifestyle – going to the gym 2-3 times a week and followed a paleo/primal diet. But in the ten years that I’ve been going to the gym, I’ve seen little changes to my body – my workout consisted of mainly cardio and I would occasionally lift some light weights.

Five months before my wedding, I considered hiring a personal trainer to help me tone up – I wanted to look amazing on my wedding day. One day whilst still thinking about it, Dwayne came over to help me. You see, this is the thing about Dwayne… he’s always helpful and it doesn’t matter whether you are a client or not, if he sees that you are not doing a workout effectively or your technique is wrong, he will come and correct you. Dwayne’s friendliness and charismatic personality made him stand out which was why I chose him. We went through my goals and nutrition and within two months, I had lost a stone and went from a size 10 to 8. I felt confident and amazing on the day of my wedding!

Here’s the thing… it was never my intention to continue training with a personal trainer after my wedding but in the five months that Dwayne and I worked together, I’ve developed a passion for fitness to the point that 12 months later, we still train together. Going to the gym used to be a chore for me and now it’s something that I love doing!! And it is all down to Dwayne. I would say that right now, I am at the fittest that I have ever been and I’m curious of what else I can achieve with Dwayne’s guidance.

Mandy Wong Oultram

So my journey started 6 months later than it should have done in October 2014, actually if I’m being honest 10 years later! I have been yo yo dieting all this time! It should have started in March when I reached 35 but like us all I gave my excuses ‘I can do it on my own’, ‘I don’t need to pay extra when I already pay for gym membership’. Wrong! Yes I did and I am so glad I did. It has been the best and most rewarding journey I have been on and I could not have done it without Dwayne!

The dreaded first day arrived! The measurements and scales… ouch! But once you get pass the shock you tell yourself it can only get better! I won’t lie the first month was tough but with the support from Dwayne, it goes very quickly and to get on them scales to see a lower number and see how many inches I had lost that first month, it was totally worth it! A few weeks later and suddenly I am obsessed with exercise. Once I started to see changes to my body, my mind then clicks, don’t get me wrong I still love the prosecco and chocolate cake but I know that it’s allowed after a good training session.

8 months later I still love it! I continue to train and push myself and keep hitting new targets. In October I couldn’t run a mile, one month in I ran 5k in under 30 minutes. 6 months later I ran it under 25 minutes! I have just done my first triathlon and this October I am running a half marathon. Next year who knows? But what I do know is that I am now healthy and happy and have a great body to be proud of.

Paula Yates